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Illustrator: Gigi Lyn


Artist Gigi Lyn Simon was born in the Topa Topa mountains of the Ojai Valley, in 1999.  Her artistic upbringing was undeniable, as she comes from a long lineage of artists. 

Gigi’s first illustrations began at the age of 3.  At just 5 years of age her perspective was visible in her pencil drawings of mostly animated images.  Her work evolved into colored pencils for her desire for realism and capturing every micro detail.  Eventually working in ink through her teens, won her praise and high scores in her advanced art classes.  Gigi’s illustrations caught the attention of tattoo artists in her area, by the age of 14.  She began illustrating and selling tattoo designs early in her teens.  On her 18 birthday she was given the opportunity to move her artistic talent into the world of tattoo artistry.  She has since become a highly sought after tattoo artist in Southern California.  

The tattoo industry is where she has expanded and grown as an artist.  She quickly became recognized in the industry for her incredible ability to make images look real or alive on the skin.  She specializes in micro detailed tattoos, permanent makeup, and cover up tattoos.  Gigi regularly illustrates, as a meditative process in her life.  She has always enjoyed anatomy and focuses many of her drawings to the human form. Her sketch book is filled with loose, exercise drawings to allow her mind to become uncluttered.  These incredible illustrations capture detail in a minimalistic nature, with also considering each anatomical detail.  The most captivating concept in her work is the light source which is readily visible in each of her drawings.

Gigi Lyn continues to keep her primary focus on her career as a tattoo artist, but has recently allowed her sketchbook illustrations to be on public display for the first time.  Each drawing is a one of a kind illustration, and a timeless treasure to behold.  These are a window into a true born artist, and her subconscious mind as she puts the charcoal to the paper.  Gigi’s work is an exclusive of Peri G. Fine Art Gallery in Palm Springs, CA.