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Fine Artist: 

Peri G. 

“Creating is a quintessential component 

to my existence.”

Fine Artist Peri G. was born between the mountains and the ocean of Santa Barbara, California, in 1972.  Her undeniable connection to nature is readily visible in her work, which reflects the rich elements and natural beauty of her birthplace.  Peri comes from a long lineage of artists and being self-taught in almost every artistic media available, simply confirms her inherently natural inclination. 


Peri’s work has an exceptionally large range, making her one of the most diverse contemporary artists in the world today.  She is a painter, illustrator, sculptor and conceptualist. She works in oil, acrylic, encaustic, graphite, charcoal, clay, bronze and steel.  Her unbridled creativity energizes her work across a wide range of genres: Abstract, Expressionism, Modern Figurative, Cubism, Pop Art and more.  She has most recently added sculpture and complex art installations to her repertoire.  All of her compositions are infused with her unique voice which dictates the materials she uses and conveys the final message.  


As Peri evolves as a woman and creative spirit, her works also reflect the seasons she is experiencing.  A season exemplifies her connection to nature and the earth, but for her as an artist it also represents periods of inclination.  An “inclination” may be the artist's desire for structure and simple form to a complex color exploration or the need to work in 3 dimensions.


A passion for painting organically drew her to exhibit professionally for the first time in 2006.  The initial response to her work propelled her into the world of collectors, celebrities and world-renowned architects -- solidifying her as an international contemporary artist.  She has been represented by many galleries throughout the United States and is in private collections around the world.  

Peri G. Fine Art was launched in March of 2019 in the Art and Design District of Palm Springs, CA.  After many years of being represented in Galleries in various cities throughout the Untied States, Peri opened her first Gallery.  She showcases her works, hosts various events, collector previews, and design meetings in her sophisticated 2000 sq ft showroom...the "Art Jewel Box" of Palm Springs.  

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